Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse Contra Costa County

At Brasas do Brazil Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse, we are popular for offering the best steak in Contra Costa County. We are a Brazilian steakhouse offering a wide range of authentic Brazilian food. You can count on us for unmatched seafood, rotisserie grilled meats, full rodizio, gourmet salad bar, and tableside dining. Our locally sourced beef, chicken, lamb, and pork culminates into very affordable prices in the steakhouse.

We locally source our meats, and we do not incur additional fuel costs that we would incur to transfer the meat from warehouses. We do not incur shipping costs and packaging costs. We transfer the reduced production prices to the price of our steak. You can enjoy our sumptuous meals even if you are working on a tight budget.

Why do we use locally sourced meats at Brasas do Brazil Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse? It is because we value the quality and the safety of the meat we offer. For instance, our beef is low fat and very nutritious. We have direct contact with local farmers, and this gives us the opportunity to access the best quality meat from the farms.

At Brasas do Brazil Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse Contra Costa County, you will enjoy a great menu variety. Whenever you visit the steakhouse, you can always be sure of getting something that will suit your taste and expectations. We are very consistent in the quality of the food we offer. We ensure that our customers find the same quality of food whenever they visit our steak house. Whether you visit us on weekdays, weekends, during the day, or at night, you will get high-quality meals.

We combine great meals with a memorable experience. Our great cowboys will ensure that your plate does not run out of meat. They serve you with class and dignity, and you will feel special for dropping by the steakhouse. Many clients have great testimonials about us. You, too, can join the list of happy clients.